Food Streets

Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken

5-minutes walking distance. Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau has to be the MOST famous of all Ipoh’s restaurants, bar none. Ask any outsiders, foreigners, or even the locals themselves on where to have dinner (or supper, commonly) if you’re down in Ipoh for one night only, the chances are most would mutter the name; Lou Wong Nga Choy Kai (“Nga Choy Kai” means Tauge Ayam, or Bean Sprouts Chicken).


Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Funny Mountain is immensely popular for two dishes: bean-curd pudding (tau fu fah) and soy-bean milk. The curd, served with a bit of syrup, is smooth and sweet, while the drink is rich and refreshing in original or grass jelly flavours. Funny Mountain opens at 10.30am and shuts shop when the curd runs out; arrive early and prepare to queue.


Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

Salt-baked chicken is a major Chinese cuisines most unique cooking techniques, it is closely related to the formation and migration of Hakka life. Due to battle period, in the south of Hakka’s people moved to a place, difficult place to live, was forced to move to another place. In the process of living, every household are have poultry, livestock. In the "escape", the migration process, live poultry inconvenient to carry, they put their slaughter, add salt bag for storage, carry. After the relocation, these storage, carrying raw materials can alleviate shortage of raw materials, but also nourishing the body.


Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant

Tuck Kee restaurant is established since 1963. It is located at Ipoh which is in nostalgia busy street of the "mountain town". Tuck Kee restaurant is situated at the golden triangle which houses the overrated Onn Kee and Lou Wong Beansprout & Chicken. It is a non-halal restaurant and the operating hour is 5 p.m onwards until late night. Tuck Kee Restaurant has been operating for more than 50 years and it provides a wide variety of noodles. The signature dish is the hokkien “Dai Loke Mian” which means big fat noodles have a springy texture making it irresistible for noodles lovers.


Tong Sui Kai

Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street) is one of the most happening eating places in Ipoh after the sun sets. The street is lined with dozens of food stalls mostly selling desserts (hence the name), snacks like rojak, boiled cockles and various noodles. There’s also a small section at the end dedicated to Malay food. Most of the people who come here are for Ipoh’s famed mixed fruits ABC. Every stall has its own unique rendition and presentation and there are dozens of them, that alone is a reason to return for more.